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Who We Are

Mr. Rayavarapu Veerababu, a man suffered with his polio leg and has badly curved due to polio.  He is usually walking with the support of his leg with a hand.  The Childhood onwards he has thoughts about the rights of the physically & mentally challenged people and their problems in the society.  The dream has come true with the coordination and support of his wife after his marriage.  She is very kind hearted mother for two children and a faithful converted Christian too. Her views and thoughts were related to help and support to the physically & mentally challenged persons & orphan children in a proper manner.  She has expressed her thoughts and heartfelt desire to her husband.  Both the like minded people were decided to start a home for mentally & physically challenged children and orphanage for the below poverty line and vulnerable children in the society.  They decided to decrease the stigma & discrimination among people with multi disabilities in the community through awareness & rehabilitation by the protection and rehabilitation of the disable & Child rights.

The Organization has registered on 9th March, 2005 by the name “Santhi Vardhana Ministries” in Peddapuram Mandal of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in South India. The Special School was started in a remote village called Chandramampalli with the coordination and contribution of local community and land lords in a rented building. Some of the kind hearted and service oriented persons donated and they have collected some of the local funds and the contributions to run the Special School for their education, food, shelter and health check-ups.




Promotion & protection of human rights and dignity to live in equality, justice and freedom for most vulnerable (orphan, disabled, old age people, children & women) in the community through the implementations of social & economic enhancement without the discrimination of caste, religion, creed and colour.



  1. To Promotion and protection of human rights, especially disable rights through capacity building
  2. To proclaim and capacitate about the 1995 act of disable persons through lobbying and advocacy
  3. To capacitate the youth and women through promotion of skill based trainings for the upliftment of their talents and interests
  4. To create and proposed  to provide alternative livelihoods trainings to vulnerable people of the community for their bread winning
  5. To capacitate the community on protection of child rights through the sensitization meetings & seminars
  6. To observe all the International, National and local days for the benefit and well being of the marginalized people of the community
  7. To participate National Immunization Programme  for the eradication of contaminated & viral infections (polio, measles, Diphtheria  &  hepatitis)
  8. To working on right based approach for the benefit of vulnerable people of the society
  9. To Promote primary education and non-formal education(Adult literacy) programmes
  10. To Promote livelihood opportunities to poor through the linkages with DRDA, NABARD, TRYSEM, CMEY, PMRY, NMDFC and RMK
  11. To establishment of a micro finance institute for the benefit of women & children
  12. To implement Disaster preparedness trainings to school level, community level and office level  for the reduction of risk in times of natural calamities (Cyclones, floods, fire accidents & land slides)
  13. Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in target area through creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, STIs and STDs
  14. To promote WATSAN (Health & Sanitation Programme) for the protection of environment sanitation
  15. To create awareness on personal hygiene and environmental sanitation in most vulnerable areas of operational area
  16. Networking & linkages with Government Line Departments, service providers and like mined NGOs for unity & integrity
  17. To provide & sensitize on RCH linked issues to vulnerable adolescent girls &  women
  18. To Provide Counseling and Psycho-social support to Mentally & Physically  challenged persons, People & Children  living with HIV/AIDS, Infected & affected with Leprosy persons and trafficked victims



  1. Acting as a resource agency in between the vulnerable and Government  
  2. Working for the infected & affected with leprosy, HIV/AIDS and mentally & physically challenged families of the community
  3. To starts a orphanage for the protection of orphans and old age persons
  4. To Provide Physiotherapy  and speech therapy  through establishment of a Hospital for the benefit of physically & mentally challenged persons
  5. To establishment of Counseling center for the benefit of  trafficked girls & women, destitute women, HIV/AIDS patients, leprosy patients and other vulnerable people of the community
  6. To establish a Vocational and Training center for the livelihood option to the youth and women
  7. To establish a micro finance institute for the benefit of poor & marginalized families of the society  free from debts and high interest debts from the money lenders & middle men
  8. To act as a resource agency for the capacity building on disable rights (1995 ACT) and other issues
  9. To implementation of activities based on education, health and livelihood promotion to physically & mentally challenged children and adults.
  10. To promote youth Sanghas, SHGs and MACTS for the integrity and unity of local resources and fund flow with in the target area
  11. To fight against for the rights of  SC, ST and BC, especially fishermen community in rights based approach by the sensitization and  linkages with Government Line Departments
  12. To sustain local Governance for the enhancement of equal participation of men & women in social, economical and emotional aspects of the community
  13. To establish a Adult Literacy Center for the well being of adults for their social change through learning  of reading and writing skills

Executive Committee of SanthiVardhana Ministries
S.No Name Father/Husband Name Age Designation
1 Smt. Y. Lalitha Madhuri W/o Krishna 44 President
2 Smt. A. Satya Veni W/o Ganapathirao 39 Vice - President
3 Sri R. Veerababu S/o Bulli Venkanna 31 Secretary
4 Smt. Ch. Naga Devi W/o Dharma Raju 29 Joint Secretary
5 Smt. B. Jayalakshmi W/o Trimurthulu 34 Treasurer
6 Smt. K. Uma Devi W/o Ganga Raju 35 Board Member
7 Kum. N. Jyothi D/o Venkateswararao 29 Board Member


Our Services

The Santhi Vardhana Ministries is dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities.  We also encourage non-disable but vulnerable children to attend from the local community to promote integration.

Our work is based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation and education which uses conductive education at its core. We have a team of Tran disciplinary staff whose role is to encourage the children to become more independent. Together the staffs develops the children’s awareness and understanding of the world around them and help them to learn how to undertake tasks which will build their self esteem, help with integration and enable them to become active members of the community.

Our services meet the individual needs of each child in every area of learning, giving them greater confidence and understanding of their bodies so that they can become more independent and ultimately lead a better quality of life.

Santhi Vardhana provides high quality care and education in a safe, loving environment where children can explore, learn and be positively challenged. We work in partnership with parents and other professionals to help children learn and develop their full potential. We prepare each child to be a confident and independent as possible so that they can be integrated into their community.  Above all we offer a service that promotes equally and values diversity.



Our current services are offered to children up to the age of 21 and their families, and currently include:

  1. Special School for Differently Abled (Education, Physiotherapy and recreation)
  2. Vocational Training programmes to women and girls
  3. Conducting of Medical Camps
  4. Observation of World Disabled Day and World AIDS Day
  5. Conducting awareness meetings on HIV/AIDS
  6. Computer training programmes
  7. Conducting consumer awareness campaigns


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