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Santhi Vardhana is an Indian non-profit organisation, registered under societies act taking care of orphaned and abandoned children and provides them basic rights to survival, protection, education, healthcare and a happy childhood. Giving us strength and support are people like you. Each one contributing whatever they can. For the last 5 years Santhi Vardhana has transformed the lives of so many children who are otherwise left on the streets. Contributions from people like you have made it possible for Santhi Vardhana to do this. Donations to Santhi Vardhana is eligible for tax exemption under section 80 G ( i.e. 50% tax exemption)

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Those who keep them smiling

Once, a roof over their heads was a distant dream, let alone books and school. Instead, they lived the all-too-real nightmare of life on the homes and streets. At Santhi Vardhana these children have a home, an education, and the freedom to dream. And it’s people like you who keep that dream alive. Any little you give, even as little as Rs. 500/-, will go a long way in meeting their needs. Giving them the confidence that somebody, indeed, does care.

Get Involved

Donate a desk top/lap top: You can donate us your used/old desktop or laptop computer. Even if is not fully functional or of pretty old configuration it will help those children who have never seen a computer. We actively work with few schools and agencies who are working in the field of child education.

Sponsor A Child’s Education: There are a lot of kids who are below poverty line and getting there primary education from slum schools. Few of these children are bright and want to continue their education. You can sponsor a child's education and shape up his career. Contact us if you are willing to sponsor a child's education. It is not mandatory to commit for the full life education. You can continue as long as you are comfortable.

Donate old clothes and toys etc
: Well, everybody does have a lot of unused stuff at home. We do not throw them, use them but just keep them. May be there are good for nothing for us but they are worth for the children and people staying in shelter homes, slum areas and even just on roads. You can donate us things like old clothes, toys, shoes, slippers, crockery, books, stationary etc. We will distribute it in the NGO which are in need.

Memorial Donations
: Any gift to Santhi Vardhana Special School, can be made "in memory of” or "in honor of" a person or couple that is special to you. You can give a gift to remember dear friends or loved ones or to honor them on special occasions.

In-kind Donations
: You can help us by donating any of the following ongoing needs. We encourage and appreciate your assistance through in-kind donations. For more information on how your donation can be used as a tax deduction or other items currently on our wish list, Thank you for thinking of us! 

Make a Donation
: You can donate us money by clicking the below image. No amount is small and every penny counts to support a cause.

We need your active participation and support to achieve the mission and vision of Santhi Vardhana Ministries. Your involvement will be your investment for a better society. There are various ways through which one can participate or support our cause. By contributing to the Support Schemes like Educational activities, feeding programs, health schemes etc.



Support Schemes
Gift of Education

Gift a school bag for a child US$ 4 Rs.180
Gift a pair of shoes for a child US$ 6 Rs.270
Gift a set of uniform for a child US$ 8 Rs.360
Gift complete set of books for a child US$ 15 Rs.675
Gift a school pack for a child # US$ 40 Rs.1800
Sponsor a teacher's salary / month US$ 70 Rs.3150
Sponsor a picnic for 62 children US$ 150 Rs.6750
#(Includes school bag, books, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, shoes & uniform )
*(A plaque with name of donor will be displayed)  ( US $ 1 value = Rs. 45/-)

Educational Endowments
(These endowments are to create a corpus fund to maintain and develop the School)

Sponsoring teacher's salary for a year US$ 900 Rs.40500
School development (Like furniture, kitchen equipments) US$ 250 Rs.11250
Gift of food
(You can provide lunch/dinner etc for our residents by sponsoring meals under these schemes. This will be a better opportunity to share and celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries etc.)
To Provide breakfast for 62 children US$ 25 Rs.1125
To Provide Lunch or Dinner for a unit 0f 80 US$ 40 Rs.1800
To Provide Lunch or Dinner for all 62 kids in one week US$ 250 Rs.11250
Sponsor bag of Rice US$ 25 Rs.1125
Sponsor Vegetables & Groceries for a day US$ 100 Rs.4500
To provide eggs for one week US$ 100 Rs.4500

Feeding Endowments
We at Santhivardhana believe in the continuous participation by our well-wishers and have introduced various feeding endowment schemes, which will ensure a concrete base and a secured future for our residents. Here the sums donated are invested in Corpus fixed deposit, where the principal is not disturbed and the interest amounts from these investments are utilized for the feeding expenses.

A bag of rice every year on a day US$ 300 Rs.13500
Breakfast for 62 kids every year on a day US$ 275 Rs.12375
Lunch or Dinner for 62 kids every year on a day US$ 350 Rs.15750

Gift of Health
(Health care is the third major necessity of our residents. To take care of the health and medical necessities we need lot of resources. You can contribute to these schemes by which we can meet the health care needs.)

General Medical expenses for a month US$ 40 Rs.1800
Sponsor a cataract surgery US$ 50 Rs.2250
Sponsor a Physiotherapist salary per month US$ 190 Rs.8550
Medicines for a psychiatric patient/annum US$ 100 Rs.4500
Short Project    
Bed sheets for 62 persons US$ 350 Rs.15750
Pillows for 62 persons US$ 400 Rs.18000
Cots & Beds for 62 persons US$ 2500 Rs.112500
Sports/Games equipment US$ 500 Rs.22500
Ceiling Fans 5 Nos @ 1200/- US$ 133 Rs.5985
Uniform for 62 children US$ 250 Rs.11250

Have the joy of bringing up a child by fostering a child thru Child Sponsorship.

(All about Sponsoring / Foster Parenting
Child sponsoring is the beginning of a unique relationship between you and a child, which can transform the future for both. Your support can give a needy child essentials like food, education, basic health care and immunization.

Sponsorship provides a sense of security and a sense of belonging to a child, and in return you will get the satisfaction of investing for a better India.

While guaranteeing a better future for a child through sponsorship you can also develop a bonding between the child and you by occasional visits, sending gifts and corresponding with them. This would make a world of difference for an otherwise less fortunate child.
Hundreds of children are awaiting sponsorship ...


Sponsor a child today! And Experience the difference !

Sponsorship Information & Guidelines

  • You can inform us your preference like age, sex, able/disable, HIV + or special child.
  • Based on your preference we will assign a child on your behalf.
  • For better communication you will be given a sponsor code. which will help you interact with the child
  • Long term/ continued sponsorship will provide a secured future and will yield better results.
  • At any given time you can sponsor more than one child
  • For a meaningful relationship you can communicate and interact with the child. Every visit of yours will bring a world of difference.

What you receive

  • Details of your sponsored child with photograph
  • Progress report every one year
  • A bond of love through regular correspondence
  • The feeling of joy by caring and sharing
Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly) &
Child Sponsorship Endowment (One Time)
Sponsor education for a child for a year. US$ 125 Rs.5625
Sponsor education, food, health and clothes for a child for a year. US$ 250 Rs.11250
Sponsor a Mentally retarded/Spastic child per annum US$ 125 Rs.5625
Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time
Sponsoring a child's education up to the +2 level
US$ 600 Rs.27000
Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time
Sponsoring a child's education and maintenance up to the +2 level
US$ 1200 Rs.54000

Corporate Participation is another way thru which corporate houses can involve in supporting our various projects under Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Corporate Participation
Corporate participation through Corporate Social Responsibility widely termed as CSR basically means how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. It is the continuing commitment by business houses to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. In short “CSR is about business giving back to society”

There are a number of ways through which corporate can help the under privileged in the society. Business houses can help the less privileged children and adults at Santhi Vardhana by

  • Sponsoring Projects by contributing towards building construction, funding for the infrastructure facilities, vehicles etc.
  • Providing Matching contribution: Corporate houses can match the contributions/donations made by their employees to Santhi Vardhana

  • Payroll giving: Business organizations can help us by deducting a nominal/minimal amount from each of its employees who are in their pay roll every month and donating the same to us.

Underwriting the cost: Business houses can bear the cost of printing office stationeries for our institution thus underwriting our cost. They can also sponsor printing of our pamphlets and appeals and thus get free publicity, as these pamphlets will be reaching lakhs of people every year.

By volunteering their service, people can involve in our activities. You can spare your time to teach our children or to care our mentally challenged children in any of our daily activities. This would make a world of difference for them.

(Volunteering is described as a service offered or performed out of choice or free will. A volunteer is someone who gives his own time to do something useful, especially for the community. In return, he gets the satisfaction for his time and effort well-spent.

Being a Volunteer means that you are ready to take on the responsibility. At Santhi Vardhana it means 'sharing your life'. You can volunteer and spend time with the children. Receive their affection and warmth, bask in the joy of making a difference, tell those stories, share their dreams and see them as they really are: spiritually tough inside, not fragile and vulnerable as they appear.

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, gain useful experiences, develop new interests, and to be a part of the community. Believe us, it does make a meaningful impact! You may not possess great skills. What we need are people who can work with us in a committed manner and with sustainable effort.

If you think that you can support our mission and help children grow up to fulfill their dreams, please help us by make a donation.


Tips to help you start Volunteering:

  • Think about what you have to offer- enthusiasm, work skills, life skills.
  • Work out roughly how much time you can give and how many times a week or month.
  • Be committed to time and work you sign up for.
  • Talk to other volunteers who have been working for a longer time. This way you will learn from their experiences.
  • Meet us in person if you aren't clear about anything. Don't hesitate about asking questions as you go through the process of applying for an opportunity.

Just try it- often the most difficult part of volunteering is making the first move, so be brave and show that you've got drive and initiative!

For more information, please contact us.

Tell about us: by spreading the message about Santhi Vardhana Ministries to your friends and relatives and suggest them to support our cause in whatever way they can. 

Making a Will : retired people often think that they are unable to support any social cause due to limited income, but they can also help by keeping aside a tiny portion of their property for our cause, while making a will to distribute the property to your kith and kin

Surprise your dear ones: (Imagine your dear one is getting a call from Santhi Vardhana Ministries that 62 children have been fed on your dear one’s Birthday being a gift from you and they wished MANY HAPPY RETURNS and prayed for his/her well-being.

This can be done for your dear ones on Birthdays, Wedding Days or on any occasion/festivals.

By using our “Surprise your dear ones” scheme you can gift your loved ones on their birthday’s or anniversaries a fulfilling gift by sponsoring meals for our children or other residents. An instance of how this works:

Let us say, Mr Nageswrarao who lives in Kakinada wants to gift something to his grand child Ashitha who lives in USA on her birthday. Being familiar with Santhi Vardhana’s “Surprise your dear ones” scheme he contributes Rs.75000.00 towards feeding 62 children on the occasion of Ashitha’s birthday and provides us with her phone number and email id.

On 10th September we, at Santhi Vardhana will duly carryout the feeding for 62 kids and pray for the well being of Ashitha. Mr. Nageswararao, grand father of Ashitha and her mother & father came to Santhi Vardhana and celebrated her birthday. Mr Nageswararao has sponsored the meals for 62 kids that day being her birthday and that the children have relished the food and prayed for her well-being. Ashitha and her parents are overwhelmed with joy to know that her grand father has given her a unique Birthday Gift.

You too can make someone happy by THIS UNIQUE GIFT, WHICH NO ONE HAS DONE EVER TO YOUR DEAR ONES.)     


Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly) & 
Child Sponsorship Endowment (One Time)

Sponsor education for a child for a year.

US$ 125


Sponsor education, food, health and clothes for a child for a year.

US$ 250


Sponsor a Mentally retarded/Spastic child per annum

US$ 125


Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time
Sponsoring a child's education up to the +2 level

US$ 600


Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time
Sponsoring a child's education and maintenance up to the +2 level

US$ 1200


Our Wish List
House hold
  • Bathing  towels - 100
  • Light bulbs (50 watt)
  • Hand sanitizer (all sizes-- especially travel packs)
  • Liquid hand soap (antibacterial)
  • Lysol disinfectant spray
  • Latex gloves (small, med, large--powder free)
  • Frabreeze (any scent)
  • Bug spray (ant, cockroach, and spiders)
  • Plastic cups (any size)
Food/ Kitchen Supplies
  • Vessels
  • Serving utensils
  • Brooms and mops
  • Floor buffer
  • knives

Office Supplies
  • Standard white copying paper
  • Staplers
  • Scissors
  • Index cards
  • Colored paper (any color, 8.5 x 11)
  • Rewritable CDs
What They said (Visitors Views)
I am happy to visit this association. This association has been running by Mr. R. Veerababu. He is very hard worker besides over come his physical handicapped. He does not needs any one help but he is the “Margadarsi” to others who is a mentally immature. I wish him and his society has long live and helps the poor and needful persons in this society. With best wises.
                                                       Mr. V.V. Satyanarayana, Advocate, Kakinada(2007)

We will appreciate your hard work for the disabled children and wishing you all of you. God will bless you and your all team.
Mr. R. Sudhakar, Head HR & Admn. RAK Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., Samalkot(4/8/2007)

This is a wonderful institution. I really believe that you are helping children that are largely ignored in this area. You’re a beacon of hope and I wish you the best in 2008.
                                                                                         Sarah & Amy Batchu, USA(2007)

This is our 2nd visit to this home and again I am impressed with the care taken of the children. We realize that there are many needs but it is clear that the children are loved and this makes them happy. May God bless the staff of this home and give them the strength to support those children who have so little. Lots of love and good wishes                                   
                                                            Mr. Joe & Mrs. Maria Bast, Australia(16/3/2009)

How wonderful to see you all again. Thank you for your very warm welcome and hospitality. I am so happy to see that the children are well and are smiling! The care they receive is excellent and this shows on their faces. Thank you for all your hard work you’re reward in Heaven will surely be great !  I pray God’s richest blessing upon all of you and trust in Him that I will see you again- may be with Paul! With lots of love. Keep Smiling         
                                         Mrs. Louise Timmins, The Leprosy Mission, UK (11/9/2009)

I, K. Satyanarayana working as an I.T. Professional in Singapore, visited Santhi Vardhana. I can say that this is a memorable experience and one of the best moments of my life. I visited along with my mother and spent a day. I truly admire the commendable service of Mr. Veerababu is performing for the poor and disabled children. The children are blessed to be in Santhi Vardhana. He is paying lot of attention to the needs of the children and paying utmost care to the children. Persons like him are very very rare. He is doing a commendable job. Everyone should give helping hand to Veerababu, so that he can do much better service for the needed children. Good work Mr. Veerababu, Keep it up!! Big Cheers to you, with regards
                                 Mr. K. Satyanarayana, IT Professional in Singapore(2/11/2010)

The rendering services of Santhi Vardhana in a remote village area are very appreciable and the hard work they shown upon this school is very great. I am with you and continuing my support.  I hope every one will come and giving their helping hand for the care and support of these needy children
                                                                                                 Y. D. Ramarao(25/11/2010)

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